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Posted on: Feb 07, 2023
Good news! JESEG is now listed in the Andrew Gonzales Philippine Citation Index (AGPCI)!
Good news! JESEG is now listed in the Andrew Gonzales Philippine Citation Index (AGPCI)! Submit your manuscripts now for the JESEG June 2022 Issue at jeseg@carsu.edu.ph.

Current Issue: Volume 4, No. 2 | December 2022

Research Articles
Balicog, Jelly R., Galdiano, Gremarie D., Suganob, Lynde P., Seronay, Romell A., Elvira, Marlon V.,

Campus landscapes provide aesthetic appreciation and promote recreational activities, and ecological protection. Grasses are vital in providing major campus greenery, but their distribution, functional significance, and inventory are scarcely reported. This study focused on identifying grass species from the family Poaceae and Cyperaceae by determining their importance...

Orboc, Dawn Rosarie F., Capangapangan, Rey Y., Jumawan, Joycelyn C., Ombat, Leila A., Seronay, Romell A.,

Marine benthic macrophytes are a good indicator of heavy metal contamination along coastal ecosystems. Heavy metal contamination in the aquatic environment is one of the major environmental issues these days. The study aimed to assess the diversity of marine benthic macrophytes, quantify, compare, and correlate heavy metal concentration in terms of Iron (Fe), Lead (Pb),...

Torralba, Corina Ann V., Gamalinda, Eve F., Estaño, Leonardo A.,

Invasive anuran species (IAS) threaten the native anuran species as they compete for food sources. The diet of the three IAS, Rhinella marina, Kaloula pulchra, and Hoplobatrachus rugulosus, were collected from different localities in Butuan City. The gut collected from 91 individuals of IAS, i.e., R. marina (n=80), H. rugulosus (n=10), and K. pulchra (n=1) were examined...

Agtong, Rhenzlyn Joy M., Laudiño, Francis Alizha R., Jumawan, Joycelyn C., Elvira, Marlon V.,

The Lake Mainit community's Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices (KAP) were assessed to determine perspectives on the lake's ecological state in terms of industry and recreation-related utilization, conservation, and the marketing of Glossogobius giuris and Channa striata—two of its economically important fishery resource. The KAP survey was obtained from 38...

Villahermosa, KC l., Estaño, Leonardo a., Calagui, Laurence b., Paylangco, Ruby a.,

The rabbitfish, Siganus fuscescens, is an economically important fishery in Surigao City, Philippines. This study was conducted to assess the zoonotic potential of the endoparasites infecting S. fuscescens collected from September to November 2021 in the three selected coastal areas of Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Philippines. Isolated worms were identified using li...

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