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Research Article

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices Towards Utilization, Conservation, and Marketing of Economically Important Fish Species Among the Local Communities of Lake Mainit Watershed, Philippines

Agtong, Rhenzlyn Joy M., Laudiño, Francis Alizha R., Jumawan, Joycelyn C., Elvira, Marlon V.,


The Lake Mainit community's Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices (KAP) were assessed to determine perspectives on the lake's ecological state in terms of industry and recreation-related utilization, conservation, and the marketing of Glossogobius giuris and Channa striata—two of its economically important fishery resource. The KAP survey was obtained from 383 respondents within the 25-54 age group within the lake's five fishing communities. Analysis of the solicited responses confirmed the community's utilization of the lake for various purposes. Still, it showed that the respondents have moderate knowledge of basic information on the state of the lake and its resources. The study noted positive responses towards lake utilization and conservation but negative views towards the prohibition of marketing and distribution of the two fish species surveyed. The study shows a positive association between sociodemographic and economic profiles on the community's knowledge of the distribution, biological characteristics, collection, and marketing of G. giuris and C. striata. The years of residency and those respondents involved in fishing have a positive affinity towards lake utilization; however, as members of the family increase, their attitude towards lake utilization decreases. Also, households with fisher members have a positive relationship towards practices on lake utilization. This study recommends strengthened environmental initiatives enabling broader community participation in the lake's conservation. It provides baseline informational statistics on behaviors and perspectives on exploiting the lake's resources, serving as a reference for future research.

Keywords: Channa striata, Glossogobius giuris, haluan, lake resource, perception, pijanga


Posted on: Jul 28, 2023
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