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Research Article

SHORT COMMUNICATION: Survey of Grasses (Poaceae and Cyperaceae) Within Caraga State University- Main Campus, Philippines

Balicog, Jelly R., Galdiano, Gremarie D., Suganob, Lynde P., Seronay, Romell A., Elvira, Marlon V.,


Campus landscapes provide aesthetic appreciation and promote recreational activities, and ecological protection. Grasses are vital in providing major campus greenery, but their distribution, functional significance, and inventory are scarcely reported. This study focused on identifying grass species from the family Poaceae and Cyperaceae by determining their importance value, percentage cover, and economic uses within five sampling stations inside Caraga State University (CSU)-Main campus. Seventeen species of Poaceae and three species of Cyperaceae were documented inside the campus. Across the stations, Station 3 (Oval grounds) accounted for most of the grass species. The species belonging to the Family Poaceae have the highest percentage cover. The Cyperus brevifolius (Cyperaceae) showed a high relative frequency and importance value. However, this species is the most dominant across the sampling stations. The findings of this study are an excellent basis to assess further by looking at the various diversity indices to understand better ecological behavior and the importance of these species of grasses. The findings have implications for the ongoing infrastructure development of CSU by specializing in the design to expand landscapes, converting concrete areas into grass landscapes, and maintenance and conservation to allow various species to grow and establish.

Keywords: Distribution, economic uses, importance value, Campus landscape


Posted on: Jul 28, 2023
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